Nowa, kwadratowa rynna Galeco PVC2
Idealna, pod każdym kątem

Unikalny, kwadratowy kształt rynny i rury spustowej to klucz do zachowania harmonii i estetyki w najnowocześniejszych projektach architektonicznych.

Galeco PVC2 to kolejny krok w przyszłość i nowatorskie podejście do systemu rynnowego poprzez zastosowanie wyselekcjonowanego surowca pvc do wykreowania kwadratowego profilu rynny. Elegancki i nowoczesny kształt sprawia, że nowa kwadratowa rynna idealnie wpasowuje się w najnowsze trendy w budownictwie oraz w estetyczne potrzeby inwestorów.

Galeco STAL System is made of high-quality coated steel.

High durability of plates is ensured through application of 4 protective layers which prevent the material against adverse weather conditions.
Steel core thickness is 0.6 mm. It is double, zinc-coated, passivated, and coated with organic protective, aesthetic layer.

Polish invention
Polish manufacturer
Polish labour

Total protective system

Galeco is the first company on the market which developed a total protective system for steel pipes. A protective foil for fall pipes and gutters, which is designed for protection during storage or transport, is an element of the system. It enables fixing system long elements avoiding any scratches. This foil is biodegradable. On the other hand, fall pipe internal seam decreases the risk of pipe friction, thus occurrence of scratches during storage.

More testimonials
  • Galeco STAL is the most appreciated system for its solidity and availability of components that facilitate our work. Adjusted and sealed corners, or special hooks, make fitting a pure pleasure. The Clients value its aesthetics and multi-year guarantee.

  • I am an experienced roofer and I recommend only well-tried and reliable products to my Clients. Galeco STAL meets all requirements related to gutter systems. Its durability is confirmed with 35-year guarantee, efficiency and availability of wide range of colours.

  • Galeco STAL is one of the best systems available on the market. It is reliable, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly product. The manufacturer contemplated both the buyer’s comfort and the fitter’s convenience. I am always eager on recommending it to my Clients. It has not ever happened that...