Corporate social responsibility

Environmental issues:

Environmental issues are one of the major issues related to the company’s operation.

Mutual relationship between human being and environment has been clearly defined. „The Earth made us and we make the Earth”. The care for future generations determines the care for our environment.

Environmental issues are exceptionally critical to our company. We are eager on living and acting in peace and harmony with the nature. A lot of effort is put into the development of environment protection, creation of ecological awareness, and co-operation with companies that deal with these issues.

The uses of raw materials and energy have been limited by the application of modern technology and forces. A significant effort is put onto decreasing amount of waste material through its management and re-use.

We are proud of the fact that the company does not contribute to enlarging rubbish tip on the Earth.

Charitable aims:

Commercial activities are the major but not the only area of operation for Galeco company. We strive to discern the others, the disadvantaged people. As far as possible, we help especially children who, as a result of unpleasant events, contend with basic difficulties such as homelessness or inability to access education.

Although we are aware of the fact that this is a mere drop in relation to needs, the company strives to make the things better and to bring a smile to face of the other not only during rainy days.