20 Oct
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2006/2007 - Galeco company provided sponsorship to TS Wisła women volleyball team.

2006 -  sponsorship of XIX Roofer World Championships, which initiator was International Federation of Roofers (IFD), and the organiser was Polish Association of Roofers.

2007 – sponsorship to the team that took part in AGAPIT racing team with Jarosław Mikołajczyk, the driver, and Paweł Pochroń, the co-driver.

2007/2008 – prolongation of sponsorship to Wisła Kraków women volleyball team.

2008/2009 – signing the contract for sponsorship to MKS Muszynianka-Fakro women volleyball Polish champion.

2011/2012 - co-operation with TS Wisła Kraków women volleyball team

2012 - joining the team of sponsors for Roofer Cup 2012, indoor football tournament for roofing salesmen and manufacturers.