Gutter system
Galeco STAL² System – aesthetics for demanding

Galeco STAL² System

Square gutter system


Galeco STAL2 is an innovative square gutter system, made of steel, hidden behind a cover, ideally blends into the modern shape of the building.

Aesthetic finish
The geometric shape of the gutter and downpipe and the use of a decorative soffit facilitates a modern appearance to the building’s structure.
Quick assembly of the cover
Quick cover removal facilitate access to the gutter for cleaning the system at any time.
Square profi le of the gutter and downpipe
The shape is optimally adapted to the building’s elevation, and additionally provides greater system efficiency.
Support for architects in the form of a CAD database
A specially prepared CAD drawings will allow architects and designers to specify the system in the building design.
Warranty 35 years
Granted for resistance to perforation corrosion, mechanical durability and tightness of the system.
Heating cable system
It prevents the accumulation of snow and ice, freezing of water in gutters and downpipes.
End caps for soffit cover

End caps for soffit cover is an aesthetic end to the gutter level in the Galeco STAL2 system. The end caps cover the PVC end cap, which no longer requires additional roofing.

Galeco STAL² System components

Downpipe elements:

  • pipe
  • elbow
  • socket without gasket
  • pipe bracket
  • branch 72°
  • underpipe flap for universal gully (square)
  • gully
  • elastic elbow

Gutter elements:

  • right endcap
  • square bracket
  • gutter joiner
  • gutter
  • outlet
  • metal bracket
  • flat metal bracket
  • external corner 90°
  • internal corner 90°
  • soffit cover
  • left endcap
An innovative metal support bracket

The gutter level can be covered with a soffit cover which decorative finish the eaves of the roof.

An alternative is flat support bracket that do not require assembly of the soffit cover.

Installation without a soffit cover

On flat support bracket

Installation with a soffit cover

On metal support bracket