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Galeco BASIC

Galeco BASIC gutter system is the most economical choice guaranteeing high quality of use. Steel gutter Galeco BASIC is made of Colofer Robust steel with high durability which additionally  is ensured by application of 3 protective layers: galv, ground coat and the polyester layer. This solution effectively protects the material against adverse weather conditions.

Galeco BASIC is reliable end economical solution, which provide security for a long years.

Attractive price

BASIC  system is made of the most durable material in this price class.

High durability of plates

thanks to the application of 4 protective layers that prevent against weather conditions.

Steel gutter is deeper than others

offered by competition, and guarantees higher efficiency in water drainage.

Modern shape of the gutter

that protects against water overflow even in case of heavy raindrops.

The system convenient assembly

first, support brackets are assembled and then, upon installation of gutter,
flashing aprons assembly of gutters is provided.

Gutters and fall pipes are protected by foil

against scratching during transport.


Available colours

RAL   Colour Galeco BASIC 135/90
~ RAL 8011 S Light brown Ceglasty