Modular roofing-tile
Galeco IZI - designed with care for the smallest details

Galeco IZI modular roofing-tile

The modular roofing-tile, designed with care for the smallest details.

Its perfectly flat surface enchants with its modest elegance and a futuristic character, creating roofing which is resistant to the passage of time as well as passing trends.

Flat, modern shape
of the modular roofing-tile gives it a timeless architectural character.
Z-type, high ribbing
which acts as a lock, eliminating the necessity of attaching the sheets with screws, which facilitates and accelerates assembly.
Precision of manufacture
guarantees the immaculate appearance of the steel roofing-tile, thanks to a surface free of humps or a wave effect.
Compatibility with other Galeco systems
The IZI© system ideally blends in with square gutter systems.
Convenient, modular system
and small dimensions facilitate assembly, and also make transport and warehousing more efficient.
Guarantee up to 55 years
Galeco IZI modular roofing-tile

he roofing-tiles are manufactured as small sheet plates, single- or double-module, which significantly eases and accelerates transportation and assembly.

The high, Z-type ribbing accelerates assembly, minimizes costs, protects cut edges against corrosion and guarantees the unique, harmonious aesthetics of the roof.


The Galeco IZI© system also features dedicated flashing. The use of the same batch material means complete conformity of colour and surface structure.