Gutter system
Galeco PVC System – solid and durable gutter

Galeco PVC System

Galeco PVC is manufactured using a cutting-edge production process CO-EXTRUSION.

The supporting layer being the core of the profile is connected inextricably with the outer layer, which allows for optimizing of various performance parameters. Mechanical resistance of the inner layer is maximised, whereas the external layer is resistant to UV, gloss and colours fading.

Innovative shape of the gutter
Protects against overflowing water even in case of heavy rainfall.
Specifically designed gutter hook
With huge load resistance.
Increased gloss of gutters
Enables enjoying its perfect look for the years.
Guaranteed highest stability
As upon installation completion, the only movable element is the gutter.
System tensile resistance
Thanks to the application of light interior in long components, the system heat up is decreased even by 15%.
Specifically selected material
Is equipped with „UV PROTECT” safety device that protects a colour against adverse weather conditions.

Rainwater collector

The rainwater collector is our response to customer needs, as well as to climate change and ecological trends. It can be connected to the rainwater tank by means of a Galeco PVC pipe ⌀ 50 mm.

Galeco PVC System components

A distinctive feature of the PVC gutter system is the internal tilting of the gutter edge

This solution guarantees drainage of rain water even during intense rainfall without overflowing the edge of the gutter. The remaining elements of the gutter system, rafter bracket, joiners and outlets, have special side handles and are fixed to the butt plank ensuring stabilization of the entire system and minimizing the risk of unsealing, and the only movable element remains the gutter.

Gutter elements:

  • right endcap
  • metal rafter bracket
  • gutter joiner
  • support bracket with support
  • gutter 2 rm
  • no-seal outlet 90/50
  • PVC-U support bracket
  • external corner 90°
  • internal corner 90°
  • external corner 135°
  • internal corner 135°
  • left endcap

Downpipe elements:

  • elbow 67°
  • pipe 2 rm
  • socket
  • metal pipe bracket for pegged screw
  • branch
  • PVC-U pipe bracket
  • universal gully
  • PE elastic elbow
Gutter colours

Thanks to specially produced production technology and appropriate additives, PVC material achieves high resistance to ultraviolet rays, appropriate color and gloss.