Innovative adapter

The innovative adapter serves as a connector between roof gullies (attic style) with square section downpipes, ensuring efficient rainwater off-take from flat roofs and terraces, while at the same time maintaining the beauty of a simple building body. The trap seal used in the adapter makes the connection with the gully perfectly leak-proof.

The adapters are available in two versions: a version intended for the steel pipe used in the Galeco STAL2  System, and a version intended for the Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER and Galeco PVC2.


Innovative approach to flat roof drainage.

Modularity is innovation. As the only company on the market, we offer ready-to-use sets for connecting roof inlets, downpipes and attic passes. The Galeco system enables easy connection of the flat roof drainage with the square section downpipes of the Galeco STAL2 Galeco PVC2 and Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER systems, forming a coherent whole with the building body.

Roof gullies

Flat roofs require reliable and efficient rainwater drainage and the roof gullies play the key role in the process.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can offer gullies appropriate for all kinds of roofing that can be applied for both emergency and gravitation roof drainage. Heated gullies and clamped collar gullies are also available.

Ready-to-use sets

Galeco is the only company in Poland offering ready-to-use sets for connecting the roof gully with round 110 mm downpipes and the attic-adapter pass. Ready-to-use sets are available in various configurations and can be coupled with Galeco STAL2 and Galeco PVC2 System downpipes, installed on the surface of the façade, as well as with the PVC pipes of the Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER System, installed within the wall insulation.