Galeco PVC2 – Perfect in every way
The new square gutter

Galeco PVC2 is another step towards the future and an innovative approach to gutter systems, achieved by using selected PVC material to create the square profile of the gutter.

The unique, square shape of the gutter and the downpipe is the key to maintaining aesthetics and harmony in modern architectural designs.


This product, based on the steel system solutions, is manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel coated with protective organic and chromium layer forming solid, reliable, and dense coating that prevents steel against corrosion.

System advantages
More testimonials
  • Galeco LUXOCYNK is a system based on assumptions related to Galeco STAL, but it is far more economical. I advise to use LUXOCYNK system, as I am sure satisfaction on selection of this product will be brought to my Clients on a long-term basis. What is more, this system is easy-mounted with its...

  • I recommend application of Galeco LUXOCYNK to those who may afford the system made of plastic and who are keen on maintaining the advantages of steel system. LUXOCYNK gutter system is available for quite a short time but it managed to take plenty of my Clients to itself.