Galeco PVC2 - Perfect in every way
The new square gutter

Galeco PVC2 is another step towards the future and an innovative approach to gutter systems, achieved by using selected PVC material to create the square profile of the gutter.

The unique, square shape of the gutter and the downpipe is the key to maintaining aesthetics and harmony in modern architectural designs.

Modern technology

Due to the application of coextrusion, Galeco PVC gutter system is distinctive for its high gloss and light interior that weaken the heating, thus limiting thermal expansion of the entire gutter.

Polish invention
Polish manufacturer
Polish labour

System advantages
More testimonials
  • Galeco company is well-known to me as I trust in all its products. Multi-year guarantee, wide range of colours, and high gloss are appreciated by my Clients. Personally, I am pleased about its user-friendliness and availability of adjusted corners which shorten the system installation time...

  • It is durable, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. That is all I can say about Galeco PVC system. I strongly recommend it to my Clients and colleagues as well as, basing on my experience, I am sure that this product is reliable.

  • I am an experienced roofer. I take full responsibility for underlying that the Clients are happy to select Galeco PVC gutter system. It is good news for me as I am sure that the Client will be satisfied while my job will be facilitated during quick and efficient installation of the system. This...