Galeco FLAT ROOFS -Innovative approach to flat roof drainage

Modularity is innovation. As the only company on the market, we offer ready-to-use sets for connecting roof inlets, downpipes and attic passes. The Galeco system enables easy connection of the flat roof drainage with the square section downpipes of the Galeco STAL2 and Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER systems, forming a coherent whole with the building body.

Square gutter system

The new Galeco square gutter makes it possible to achieve a modern and aesthetic appearance for a house with eaves. 

This is possible thanks to the soffit bezel, which is snapped in on front-mounting support brackets, covering the front part of the gutter and thereby providing a smooth finish to the eaves.




Galeco STAL2 - Aesthetic qualities for the demanding

This innovative square gutter system has been designed using modern and aesthetic solutions that go perfectly with the body of the building. 

Innovative front-mounting support brackets

The gutter level may be covered with a bezel snapped into the hooks of the mounted brackets, providing a decorative finish to the eaves.

One alternative is flat front-mounting support brackets, which do not require mounting of a bezel, but which also aesthetically present a square gutter on a modern building.